quinta-feira, fevereiro 26, 2009


"Somewhere in Des Moines or San Antonio, there is a young gay person who all of a sudden realizes that she or he is gay. Knows that if the parents find out they’ll be tossed out of the house. The classmates will taunt the child and the Anita Bryants and John Briggs are doing their bit on TV, and that child has several options: staying in the closet, suicide. . . and then one day that child might open up the paper and it says, “homosexual elected in San Francisco,” and there are two new options. One option is to go to California. . . OR stay in San Antonio and fight. You’ve got to elect gay people so that that young child and the thousands upon thousands like that child know that there’s hope for a better world. There’s hope for a better tomorrow."

Harvey Milk

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Pedro disse...

Lindo texto =')

Acho que hoje Milk ficaria orgulhoso. Muitas pessoas ainda têm medo de se assumir, mas se derem esse passo sabem que há apoios. Acredito que assim é, ainda existem preconceituosos mas já não há Anitas capazes de abalar o mundo de homossexuais (gays... alegres, se traduzirmos à letra =D).